Wednesday 24 March 2010


On Monday I was hanging around at home waiting for my Blu-ray player to arrive. had insisted that it MUST be sent to the home address (eugh!) so I'd hung around all day and it got to 2.45pm and I thought this was nuts and I needed to go to work and I put my shoes on and started to write a note to tell delivery company to try and leave it with some specific neighbours. As soon as I picked up the pen... he arrived! Fantastic timing! Well... 6 hours earlier would have been nicer, but hey :)

I *don't* yet have an HD-TV and there's no real plans to get one, I've only got the player so that I can buy UK Blu-ray discs now for future use since at somepoint I will get an HD-TV. I borrowed "The Dark Knight" off my brother to test it (since I don't yet have any Blu-ray discs!) and was actually quite impressed. The first thing I noticed was the lack of a DVD menu... huh? And then whilst in the film the scene selection menus (which for DVD meant you had to leave the movie) popped up ON the screen whilst the movie was playing. I don't know if this is normal Blu-ray behaviour? Pretty cool if it is though! Having to click through menus on DVDs was really annoying!


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