Thursday 25 March 2010

Funny post

On Tuesday the postman left me a card saying there was an item of post that hadn't had enough postage paid on it so I owed them money if I wanted it. The total fee owed was for £1.08 and amusingly £1 of that is an admin/handling charge:

Yep 8p under and they slap another £1 on it... ha. So I went to pick it up yesterday, opened the packet and found a rather large bit of paper from the lovely Lianne Marie that she'd sent whilst at work:

I love the irony that she'd written about it being an expensive poster and in fact it really had turned out to be "expensive" since I needed to pay nearly 3 times what her postage was :)

It also explained the mystery of why it took so long to arrive too. She posted it 1st class (39p) on the 18th so it *should* have got to me on the 19th, but because the envelope was above the "letter" sizes it was technically a "large letter" and as such it's 61p for first class... or 47p for 2nd class (8p above what she paid). So they sent it 2nd class which is considerably slower hence I only got it Tuesday... etc etc. Don't know why I'm explaining all this, you probably already worked it out before I even started typing! :)

Thanks Lee Mee! :)


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