Friday 5 February 2010


This has to be the most obscure thing I've ever bought:

That's 25 * fluorescent starter's for my kitchen light. If you didn't know in each fluorescent tube there's a tiny cylinder that slots in which is what helps to start the light and when these go the light doesn't start even if the bulb is good. They only cost about £1/USD $1.56 each so I like to just have one spare at all times. I had to use my spare earlier in the week so went shopping for a new spare. I found out that they'd be about £3 with shipping and then I noticed that Amazon sold *25* for £5.83/USD $910) and since I have Amazon Prime... free next day shipping! Bargain! Since each one lasts about 2 years (in my experience) that's 50 years worth! More than I'll ever need probably! :)


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