Monday 15 February 2010

Pro Hands

A while back I bought a Grip II Squeeze Ball to help build up my hand/finger muscles for use with climbing. It was all going just fine until I... erm... squeezed it one too many times. Oops. First of all the outer covering started peeling off and the eventually it just started leaking covering my hands in this nasty gunk. Yuck. So I decided to buy something a bit more solid that would exercise each indivual finger and they arrived today:

It was cheaper to buy 3 at once rather than individually (3 worked out at just slightly more than 2), but they are hand exercisers and from left to right they give 7 lb pressure per finger, 9 lb and finally a rather large 11 lb. The idea is not to try and push something that's too hard, but rather more movements with one offering less resistance (yet still some effort) and then move up to the next one when that's too easy etc. There are also loads of different ways you can hold it as well so that you don't just exercise your fingers, but your entire hand. I'll be hanging on walls like Tom Cruise yet! :) Recently I actually bought the extra-light and light versions for my brother (3 lb and 5 lb) to help with with the rehab on his hand as he fell badly on it and he says they've been really helpful so that's good.


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