Sunday 21 February 2010

Carrie and Mario 64

I didn't have any plans for the weekend, but I messaged Carrie and asked if she wanted to come and she did. Brief bits of text below each picture:

We tried to get all 120 stars on Mario 64 (starting from the beginning) although after a few
hours we only had 54 and wanted to stop to play something else, still that's not bad really!

I made us spaghetti bolognese - You can never have too much cheese!

Carrie wanted to trying out Dancing Stage: Mario Mix

Carrie triumphant aftering finishing Mario Mix

By now it was about 1am so we decided to watch "Cabin Fever 2". Yep a direct to DVD sequel so you can imagine how bad it was. To be fair it was terrible and completely over gorey, but it was very amusing at the same time. After this we watched Transformers 2 because she'd never seen it - Can you believe that?! Shocking! So we watched the film whilst I sat there playing with my Optimus Prime and Jetfire toys! :P

On Sunday we had tacos for breakfast/lunch

A great weekend!


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