Sunday 14 February 2010

More FarmVille

I wanted to get a total of 150 Valentines so I could get an Eiffel Tower, but in the past 36 hours or so I've managed to get a whopping 524 Valentines (and that's still increasing!). If only they were all real eh? This means I didn't get just 1 Eiffel Tower, but *3*!

Awesome! :) I wouldn't have been able to do it without a fantastic idea by my friend Kat who said about looking round the "Add Me" forums on the FarmVille website and looking for people with public profiles and then getting Valentines from their news posts as well :) It took a while (most of the weekend), but it's done now and I'm happy :) I also managed to get all the other Valentines stuff too:

You can see I've also got a mini Eiffel tower too (thanks Angel!)


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