Friday 5 February 2010

Dancing Stage: Mario Mix

I've bought "Dancing Stage Mario Mix" for the Wii! (well technically it's for the GameCube!)

It is the normal Konami licenced Dancing Stage/Dance Dance Revolution, but with Mario and a lot of Mario tunes from the various games. There are some interesting mini games like "whack-a-mole" where you have to step on the arrows to hit the moles, but it's more or less the same dancing game, even has the same announcer voice. I don't really like the story mode though (it's just weird!) so I'm unlocking it as fast as I can so I can just freeplay it on any song I want!

I did notice it's a lot easier than all the other home Dancing Stage games though, because I did two of the songs on "Hard" without even getting that worked up. I suppose that's the difference, it's called "Difficult" normally and I can do that in the arcade without too much problem, but home editions with the mats get too slippery with the amount of moves you need to do. Anyway, it's still a lot of fun :)


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