Friday 12 February 2010


If you don't know what FarmVille is, it's the most popular Facebook game (where have you been?!) but I actually stopped playing it in mid-December. The main reason for this was because it was getting a bit "meh" and I was really starting to resent the fact that you *had* to be there in time to harvest the crops before they spoiled. If I'm late on Café World I've only lost ~15 "crops", but on FarmVille I've lost over 400 which is a lot of clicks needed just to get back to where I was and without any benefit for my time. Boo.

Recently I found out that they'd bought out a new "Unwither Ring" and if you buy it (yes you have to use REAL money) then your crops will never die, no matter how late you are. Fantastic! I was debating about it for a few days, but decided what the hell because I do/did really enjoy the game except for the time constraints and a few hours ago I bought it and I can't wait to now open it on Feb 14 (it's a Valentine event thing).

In the meantime I rearranged my farm a bit (removing most of the Xmas stuff that I had when I left) and got the Valentine things instead:

Check out the "My Little Pony"! :) Awesome lol. Oh and my white stallion, love chest, love scarecrow, two carriages, 2 bird baths... the "Luv Ewe" sheep (lol), baby tiger, weird cat thing and the unopened "Unwither Ring". Awesome :)

I also built my new stable and expanded my farm to the maximum size (neither of those things were available when I left) and then decided with all the extra space I should get my extra 2 Villas out of the barn and put them next to my existing one!

Yes my barns (top right corner!) somehow have enough room for not one but two Villas... They must be like the TARDIS in there or something... :) Oh and if anyone wonders, I overlapped them slightly to save space, but to also make it look like a MEGA VILLA! :) W00t! :)

Love this game! Now I just need another 130ish Valentines so I can get the Eiffel Tower! :)


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