Monday 25 January 2010

Vee, "Bodies Revealed" and some pizza

I met up with Vee with the main plan of seeing the Bodies Revealed exhibition (Which is similar to "Body Worlds"). There are multiple human bodies on display in various states. For example there quite a few full figures with the skin/flesh removed to expose all the muscles/bones and there are various other partial things like heart/kidneys and also some exhibits which show ONLY the arteries of the lungs etc. It sounds really macabre, but it's really not (I guess that depends on your viewpoint, but there were TONS of people in there and no one was being ill or anything like that. :) There's a rather good gallery on the BBC site located here.

There's also a special "foetus" room which has water filled tubes with human foetuses in various stages of growth. Personally I found these the most fascinating exhibits as it was just amazing to see how they developed as they aged, but given that there's warning about what the room is and that you can skip it if you want, I doubt everyone feels the same way about it.

I wasn't really that blown away with it all though. Sure it was interesting, but for the large part there wasn't anything I didn't really "know" already, but it was interesting to see in person (does that make any sense?). Still, I'm glad I got the chance to see it at least :)

After this we headed off to get some food:

We went in Pizza Express and that's Vee cutting up her pizza and giving me the evil eyes for taking photos :) I had the "Diavolo" which is spicy beef, pepperoni, onions, tabasco and jalapeno peppers - Extremely yummy. Vee didn't really know what she wanted so opted for the Four Seasons so she had four different quarters: mushrooms, pepperoni, anchovies/capers and mozzarella with black olives across the whole pizza.

After this we decided to also have some dessert, I had the cheese cake (which was lovely) and Vee had the tiramasu which was really quite large as you can see from her shocked expresion:

After this we headed into town and just went in some random shops. Whilst in Clintons (card shop) we came across a "Hello Kitty" display. I took a photo message of it and sent it to Lucy, it was just crazy!

In the shopping centre one of the doors was broken and there was a big sign saying so, but to our amusement the sign was also broken so I insisted that we had to take a picture of it:

How funny is that? :) Brilliant :) By now it was getting dark so we started to head back and took some pictures of the city from the bridge that goes to the car park:

And finally the obligatory "in-car" photo:

Another fantastic day with Vee! :)


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