Wednesday 27 January 2010

Disaster planning

I was on Facebook last week and there was a mini survey asking about "How prepared are you in the event of a natural disaster?" to which I could only answer "sort of prepared". So I looked up a list of "how to be prepared" and the biggest thing missing to me was to have a wind-up/solar powered radio (so that you can hear news broadcasts still) so decided I should at least get one of those:

It has a radio, torch, clock, alarm, internal battery, chargeable by either solar/USB/mains electricity or manual crank and it can also double up as a mini charger of itself (you can charge a mobile phone (or a Gameboy Advance!) off the internal battery :) w00t.

Hopefully I'll never need it, but you never know... Now where do I put it so I'll actually REMEMBER where it is when I do need it? :P


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