Tuesday 12 January 2010


I normally get Graze boxes delivered every Tuesday and Thursday, but I haven't received any at all this year and then 3 turned up at once:

The contents are: milkshake mix, hot chilli almonds, korean chilli rice crackers, raisins infused with pineapple juice, sweet and sour mix, banana coins, love mix, pecans, whole dried plums, yoghurt coated peanuts, island nut mix and wasabi peanut crackers - All yummy! :)

It'll take me a few days to get through them all, but if you want your own FREE box yet then go to www.graze.com and use code 2RBMR42 to get yourself a free no obligation box (and half price of a second box if you decide you want another!). Yes really you can join with that code and they'll send you a free box which comes via normal Royal Mail and as it's so thin it'll fit through your letter box and you can cancel as soon as you've had the first one. No evil phone numbers to ring, just a few clicks on the same website. Of course they hope you'll continue to buy more boxes, but they even say on the sign up page that you can cancel anytime. :) Oh and although you can't exactly pick what you want, you can pick what you DON'T want :)

Okay that's enough advertising from me :)


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