Sunday 17 January 2010

Mexican Mario weekend!

I had the most awesome weekend EVER with Carrie! We had lots of mexican food, lots of video gaming (mainly Mario Kart - ALL versions), the ENTIRE of season 3 of Big Bang Theory (the 12 episodes that have aired so far anyway), quite a bit of alcohol and a LOT of Twittering :) In fact I have possibly annoyed people with all the tweets, but it's just so easy now my phone natively supports Twitter/photo uploading.

So anyway, I decided for this entry I would literally just put up ALL the pictures that were taken this weekend and sent to Twitter (sorry to anyone who already saw them all!). I've put the Twitter comment below each and any additional comments are in square brackets! :) They're in the right order so you should get up a sort of trail of events of what I got up to this weekend:

Vodka, lemonade and lime (with lemon)

My mexican corner of the kitchen. I have way too
many fajita kits!

[I forgot to unpack the tacos
so they're not in the shot]

Mmm fajitas!

Apple and caramel sponge pudding! Nommy!

Mario Kart!

[Wii version]

Marshmallows roasting on an open "hob"!

Time for some shots! Cherry+Apple+Vodka = Yum!

Lemon Skittles vodka!

Vanilla and lemon cream vodkas!

Chartreuse (Absinthe variant)

[You don't actually need the sugar with Chartreuse
as it's sweeter than typical absinthe, but it looks good]

Peach and apple schnapps, because it's fun to say
schnapps! (sorry no peppermint!)

[Reference to the Big Bang Theory]

Carrie playing with toilet paper!

[iPhone game where you have to unwind the toilet paper as fast as you can]

What to try next?

We're just grabbing random drinks now

[Cherry-Cola thing, raspberry Sambuca and Starfruit drink]

Whatever it says on labels

[J├Ągermeister and Pamplemousse-Citron]


Lemonde and lime (and lemon!) Zesty!


Mario Kart: Double Dash!

Mario Kart 64!

Mario Kart on the Super Nintendo!

Carrie in her new role as a Mexican wrestler

More camera effects from my phone

Wow that was a lot of scrolling eh? :) But yay for a great weekend! I guess I should probably plug my Twitter about now in case anyone actually WANTS random stuff like that appearing on their feed: @worldofneil :)

My plans for the rest of the week are going to be climbing with Lucy on Monday night, cinema with Richard on Tuesday (don't know what yet) and hopefully taking Carrie to see Avatar in 3D on either Wednesday or Thursday and I'm dying to see it in 3D! :)


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