Sunday 31 January 2010

Andy's birthday

I've been away in Newark-on-Trent all weekend with friends celebrating our friend Andy's 30th birthday. Unfortunately Newark isn't anywhere near me and on Friday I left work just after 6pm, picked Richard and Carrie up at 7pm and we finally got to Andy's at 11pm. Eugh :( It wasn't really a bad journey, just long!

As soon as we got there we unloaded and headed off into town to find a pub. Considering that it was a Friday night I was shocked about how empty the streets were (it's a fairly large town!) and this pretty much sums it up:

Newark on a Friday night - Yes it's deserted!

That's the central market place area... notice the lack of people! It was really shocking. Still I wasn't complaining, I much prefer a lack of people to so many you can't move! Likewise there wasn't much of a problem getting served/having to queue up!

We drank lots of this (Stella Artois):

Which lead onto wanting lots of these:

Then finally we wanted one of these:

I think the captions pretty much explain the evening, but going into more detail: We stayed in the pub until about 1am drinking lots of Stella then we headed to the kebab shop where I got a yummy (although incredibly unhealthy) half-pounder with cheese :) Nommy!

At 2am I unpacked my Wii and we played Mario Kart

Yes I actually have padded cases for my Wii where I've customised the interior so it snuggly holds the Wii, sensor bar, all the cables, 4 Wiimotes, 4 classic controllers, 4 GameCube controllers, 4 nunchucks and GameCube memory card etc. I need to actually get another case to hold all the Mario Kart Wheels and my charging station though (and another for the games would be nice too!)

After playing Mario Kart for a bit we all went to bed and then the next morning we woke up and had the best breakfast ever:

Breakfast on Saturday

Ideally I would have taken a photo when both plates were full, but we were all hungry so it didn't cross my mind to take a photo until we'd all had a few pieces! Andy had to work on Saturday (we knew this anyway hence taking the Wii!) so Carrie, Richard and myself spent Saturday playing on Mario Kart (Wii version and GameCube/Double Dash), Bomberman Blast and Tetris Party:

Playing Bomberman on the Wii all afternoon

Much fun was had by all and when Andy came home from work he joined in with us for a while too. Eventually other people turned up (Vicky, Andy, their daughter Isabel, Dave and Amanda) so we turned off the Wii and were like social and stuff :) Carrie was also crazy enough to let Isabel play with her iPhone:

Issy with Carrie's iPhone

I might not be an Apple fan (at all), but even I wouldn't give an iPhone to a 6-month year old baby! Still, she didn't drop it/throw it or even eat it (she preferred Amanda's Sony Ericsson for eating!)

At some point in the evening we gave Andy his presents which included a lifetime membership to one of the Youth Hostel associations (he very much enjoys walking/travelling/camping/outdoors things) and also a cocktail kit with ingredients including lemons and limes which were all wrapped up individually (which confused him completely when he opened those first!):

Notice the lemons/limes:

At some point people bought out laptops and there was lots of web surfing and Facebooking, etc.

The laptops have come out

It was a fun party honest!

Finally about 4am we all went to bed. The next morning there was a lovely friend breakfast (toast, sausage, egg) and this weekend has been shockingly unhealthy, but very tasty! Before loading up our cars to go home we went over to see Andy's car to pay our final respects:

Andy saying goodbye to his car

You can't see it in the picture, but a few weeks ago he got caught on some ice and slid down a hill and smacked it into a kerb so hard that it really messed up one of the front wheels (it's now leaning out at a terrible angle!) and as such it's basically written the car off... again. He's had this car (Ford Mondeo) for a long time and before that his dad owned it and as mentioned above it's already been written off once by the insurance company for an accident with someone hitting it and he bought the scrap off them and had it fixed. I've driven it myself 2 years back when Vicky and Andy got married and one of the guests drank too much and so I drove everyone to hospitals an hour away at 3am in the morning (I told you I don't normally drink!) so yeh... the car has history. I half joked that we should cremate it. Partly because that sounded "normal", but also because setting a car on fire sounds kinda fun, but I wouldn't want to have to deal with the aftermath!!!

Back on track though, it still took about 5 hours to get back home, but with daylight helping and less traffic we actually stopped for 15 minutes to get some food and again to get fuel so we were probably about 20-25 minutes faster going back.


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