Wednesday 6 January 2010

About time!

It was starting to feel like the entire PLANET had snow except me and I was getting fed up with seeing Facebook/Twitter updates about. Thankfully this injustice has now been resolved and around 1am on 6th January 2010 it finally started to snow! YIPPEE!!

I live in a cul-de-sac and in the morning looking out of it down the road it looked like this:

Awesome :) I don't really mind driving on the snow, it just takes a bit longer and you have to anticipate more. When I got to work I had to come in the second entrance (usually exit only) simply because I couldn't get up the ramp to get into the car park and when I got there I knew that it was going to be a quiet day:

The blue car is mine, the red car is a company car/always there and the grey car is someone elses car. Two other people had cars parked at the bottom of the ramp and... that was it! A handful of people that lived locally had walked in, but basically hardly anyone came into work!

At about 11am myself, Karen and Emma went out to build a snowman and here was our attempt:

Sadly the snow was really powdery and just wouldn't stick by itself. You could "pack" it, but you couldn't roll it which was disappointing. If we could have rolled it then we would have had an almighty snowman given the size of the grounds at work!

It looks like that's it though, it snowed lightly through the day, but there's been nothing all night (it's now 5am on the 7th) and I imagine that all the existing snow has gone "crunchy".

Well at least I got one day and I'm grateful for that :)


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