Monday 21 November 2011

Well that was interesting!

Following on from my previous entry:

I have to say that all the people who read my blog (that I know about) are wonderful people, but you all really suck at identifying your Generation 1 Transformers :P

Of course it's more likely that you actually HAVE A LIFE so these things aren't important to you, but still... :) The correct answer was Soundwave:

Pretty similar looking? :) Some of the answers I received were just fantastic though. 7 people thought it was Optimus Prime and another person said it might be a Transformer so you were all close, although I hate to break it to you, there's more Transformers than just Optimus Prime :) Other answers I had included:

Captain America
Mr Frostie
Postman Pat

I especially loved that last one (I nearly choked on my food as I read it!) :D Thanks everyone for playing! :D Oh and just to clarify, this is what a Minecraft version of Optimus Prime looks like:

His body isn't even the same colour!!! :)


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