Thursday 24 November 2011

Here be dragons

Oh look another Minecraft related entry... :) Well the CityCraft server went offline last night to be updated and I used that time to play single player mode, get to "The End" (it's actually the name of the place), fight the Ender Dragon... jump in the final portal that appears and finish the game!

Except you don't really finish the game, because it's a MASSIVE amount of text (which quite frankly bored me after about 30 seconds and I surfed the net whilst waiting for it to finish!) and then it dumps you back at your spawn point so you can carry on playing if you want.

I will admit though there was some major cheating going on, specifically the game was on easy, I turned on god mode (invulnerable) and unlimited sword/pickaxe, but even then it's still a nightmare to actually fight your way through literally LEGIONS of monsters. I honestly have no idea how someone is supposed to do this without cheating! I enjoy playing on the online server more though so this was just something to take up time until it came back :) And it has more of less come back up now, but sadly it's all been wiped (this was the plan) so we're starting over!

Before I forget, check out this arrow firing machine that someone made!

It fires the arrows through lava which then turns them into flaming arrows... I wouldn't want to be in the way of them! (without god mode) :D I'll finish this post with the Nyan Cat!


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