Saturday 5 November 2011

Best Kebab and Pizza

I've ordered take-away more times than I can count when I've had friends over, but I've never ordered any sort of take-away just for me, until now. A new flyer came through my door where the company name seemed to be "Best Kebab and Pizza" (at least that's the only hint of a name) and I thought that I should buy from them for three reasons. 1) I thought I should sample the food to make sure it's edible for friends at a later date 2) They must be good with a name like that 3) I really fancied a pizza! :D Here's the flyer!

There was obviously a complete menu inside and I decided to get a 12" meat feast (pepperoni, ham, beef and onions) and also added jalepenos to it. I decided to also get a 9" garlic bread as well... hey I was hungry and had hardly eaten all day! 40 minutes later there was a knock at my door and after paying I was left with two rather posh looking boxes:

Considering it's take-away food it was just quite a surprise to get such sturdy well made boxes (they're even stronger than the ones you get at pizza hut!) and bright vibrant colours too... I was very impressed but I figured if the boxes were this good the contents would perhaps be rubbish...? WRONG!

WOWEE! The pictures do not do them justice, but OMG NOM NOM NOM! :D Both tasted fantastic! Obviously I couldn't eat everything, but I had a good try! The garlic bread was eaten completely and 5/8th of the pizza. The rest I ate this evening after I came in from the fireworks (which will be in tomorrows entry!) :D

I've definitely got to order more take-away if it always tastes this good... :D


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