Saturday 19 November 2011

Graze overload

I'm fairly sure I mentioned a while back that I now get Graze boxes delivered 5 days a week (direct to work) and that's usually what I eat for my breakfast/lunch. Yes it's a bit expensive 5 days a week, but I worked out it was actually cheaper than what I used to spend down the local shop (and hopefully a bit healthier too?) so that's all good! :D

Each day they send 4 random things from my "likes and loves", but unfortunately I don't always eat all 4 punnets in a day and they start to build up...

Whoops! That's also AFTER eating the olives, focaccia and cashews that I received today! I've cancelled Mondays and Wednesdays deliveries (because I want my Tuesday box with new randomness) and that should hopefully get things back to normal :D

Oh and now the selfless promotion part (because I get £1 off a box for each person that has a free box lol)... if you've never had a free box from them before, you can have one now... go to their website and you can have your first box completely free AND your 5th box (if you stay with them that long). There's no obligation to stay with them and I know a lot of people just received their first free box and then immediately logged back into the site and cancelled all future boxes (easily done online) :) If it doesn't give you that offer straight away, the code is 2RBMR42 :)


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