Saturday 12 November 2011

Wedding of la267 and glamack2

Okay this'll probably sound rather weird, but whilst recently playing Minecraft I was there to attend a wedding! :D

Pre-wedding party with hot tubs and pole dancing...

The actual ceremony, it was a short service, but had a good turnout!

Wedding cakes (they're not a lie!)

Then some photos to show some of the other things I've seen in the last week or two:

Found a very colourful candy forest

Someone made a massive pumpkin that glows in the dark!

Hello Kitty pixel art

zsamkj made a fantastic fully working Connect 4 machine!

Another of zsamkj's machines. Complex or what?!

Played a game of "Spleef" (the object is to not fall in the lava)

Found a very pink castle!!

Someone was excavating a massive skeleton!

How brilliant is this place? Seriously you all need to head off to the Minecraft site, buy the game then connect to the CityCraft build server! ( port 1337) :D

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  1. Lol.... Me and zsam made the Connect 4 machine...
    I demand to be on this POST