Thursday 14 October 2010

Horrific weekend

I seem to be really late with all my posts lately... oh well! Anyway, Carrie came over last weekend and despite the title which I'll explain shortly, we had an awesome time, although it worked out a bit more expensive than planned! First of all we trudged drove down the local Tesco and proceeded to fill our shopping trolley up with sufficient junk food to last us the weekend. True to my usual form I went overboard and ended up with a £92 bill and looking at the receipt later we only actually used £26 of it, but I suppose I still have other food left now right? :)

At least my fridge looks good? :)

Anyone want some sweets?

The title of my entry comes because we watched a lot of horror films including Mirrors 1 & 2. I've never seen either before, but found them both really good, even though the 2nd one is quite obviously a TV movie and didn't have Kiefer Sutherland like the 1st one, it was still really good and I think there were more deaths too... always a bonus :)

The other film we watched was "The Human Centipede: First Sequence". If you haven't heard of it, it's a film about a crazy doctor who wants to create a human centipede by attaching 3 humans together so their digestive systems are all lined up. Yes... food would go in the mouth of one person... out the usual place and straight into the mouth of the next person who is literally attached to them... gross eh?


However, other than a rather twisted idea, we both thought it was very disappointing and had expected so much better. There wasn't even that much gore in it either (both Mirrors 1 and 2 had more in it and if you've ever seen any of the uncut Saw movies, I swear they're worse!). Still... there's a sequel due out next year, "Full Sequence", which apparently promises *12* people so perhaps that'll be better? :)

Carrie had bought a hard drive with her that she wanted to recover some files from, but it soon became very clear that the drive wasn't even spinning (or at least it WAS spinning, but only for a few seconds and then powering back down again). As such the only real fix is the expensive data recovery people or write it off completely. She decided that it'd be more fun to open it up and so I broke out my tools and dismantled it:


I can't remember exactly when, but at some point we decided to have nachos, but instead of "just" cheese, we decided to make chili to go with it! I also had some fresh chili peppers from my organic box last week so I decided to put some of those in my portion and wow they were zingy! (is that even a word?) :) Turned out really good and in fact I'm thinking I should make them again right now, that's how good they were!

I know the picture isn't great, but trust me, they were epic!

Last birthday I was given a "Triop World" kit thing which I hadn't yet used so we decided to give it a whirl. You basically fill the container with water, put in the eggs and watch the triops grow. They're a bit like sea monkeys (or at least the principle is), but SHOULD be better because they look prehistoric. I say should because I followed all the instructions and it said I'd see movement within 48 hours... well 6 days later... nothing. I'm still crossing my fingers though!

Carrie willing the triops to life!

Oh and as always we played some Mario Kart, we've kinda killed that game now though. :)


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