Sunday 31 October 2010

3D glasses, new energy drink and some pink

Talking of the 3D in my last entry, do you remember those nasty red/blue 3D that you get on home DVDs? (before the current 3D TV's of course!) Well I've got a few of those namely Spy Kids 3D, The Final Destination and Coraline and the first two of those use red/blue and Coraline uses purple/green. Aside from the fact those films make you want to claw your eyes out after about 5 minutes, you have to wear these terrible cardboard glasses which are anything but comfortable. So when I stumbled across a plastic pair for only £3.99 on it seemed like a bit of a bargain (even if how much use they'll get is questionable!)

Yes I forgot to pull the sticker off the red lense before I took the picture, but pretty swish eh? :)

Onto other things, have you noticed how many different energy drinks are popping up these days? Although they are all insanely similar, there are slight differences and I like to try each new one at least once and whilst buying lunch on Friday I noticed a new one and I guess it shows that EVERYONE has now jumped on the energy drink bandwagon:

It's the same size as a regular can of Red Bull (250ml) and tastes similar, but considering it's a clone drink it's rather highly priced - £1.49! Although that's the sort of price that Red Bull itself usually costs, clone drinks are usually about that for twice the capacity! It's got the same caffeine as Red Bull (32mg/100ml) and I didn't think it really tasted that different either. I think Relentless Origin is probably my favourite of all time if you're wondering :)

Finally, October 29th was wear pink for breast cancer day and at work there was a bit of a pink related raffle to raise additional money. I bought some tickets and was lucky enough to win one of the pink prizes - Hurrah!

As you can see everything is pink and the contents are some raspberry jelly, candy sweets, popping candy, bubble gum and prawn flavoured corn snacks - Yay! :) If I remember correctly the raffle also raised £70 so that's good! :) I just ate the popping candy at the same time as drinking lemonade... thankfully I didn't explode or maybe that's just about to happen... :P


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