Wednesday 27 October 2010

Despicable Me

I went to the cinema with my friend Richard this evening and we decided to go and watch "Despicable Me". I don't think either of us really knew much about it other than it was animated, it was in 3D and it had Steve Carell in it. We also assumed it was probably a comedy and we weren't disappointed! The story itself was a bit predictable in many ways, but I didn't really care and it was all good fun and I loved the little yellow minions, I don't think it would have been so great without them.

As mentioned above it was in 3D and it's the 3rd film I've seen in RealD 3D (Avatar, Clash of the Titans and now Despicable Me) and being as it was animated I wasn't sure what to expect, but I thought it actually worked really well. Avatar was very impressive, but I was disappointed with Clash of the Titans and it felt more like 2-3 layers than actual 3D. Despicable Me was probably the best I've seen so far and things didn't just float like layers, but actually felt 3-dimensional. Normally in 3D films they try and have something come directly out of the screen at you, it's so blatant, it's so obvious... it's so rubbish. Despicable Me didn't even bother with such cheap tactics... well... until the ending credits anyway, but I'll let them off because they were very amusing too! So yeh, if you get the chance to see the film, I really recommend it. I'm sure it'll still be great in 2D, but 3D for this one really is worth the extra! :)

Still talking of 3D, I saw upcoming 3D trailers for the animated film Megamind which also looks really good as well as the new Narnia film (Voyage of the Dawn Treader) and basically it looked AMAZING. I need to actually re-read all 7 books because it's been about... 25 years... oh dear... I think I'll go and buy them on my Kindle now... hang on... and 3 minutes (and £29.02) later... done :) I love my Kindle! Anyway... yeh the new Narnia film looks really epic and I know that they're kids books, but I've read them once and it's so long ago now that I can't really remember any of the stories so I figure it'll probably be all new again. BUT I'm getting off topic... 3D... the thing that most impressed me in the trailers was the advert for Sky 3D and their sports. Apparently they can now do LIVE broadcasts in 3D and what we saw (Rugby game I think, although it might have been football I wasn't really watching the game) was really impressive and I know that it probably wouldn't be as good in home 3D, but still... they can do that live now?! Fantastic! Maybe I will have to buy a 3D TV after all! Even though I don't like sports... but meh... that's a minor detail... :)

In other news, my organic box arrived today and although I can specify likes and dislikes, it's fairly random as to what I get and this week it included this:

If you had asked me what this was a year ago what this was I would have no idea... but thanks to the awesomeness which is FarmVille... I knew straight away that it was an Acorn Squash! :) Of course I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do with it... but that's half the fun right? :) Being as it's Halloween this weekend I also decided to order a large pumpkin and I was not disappointed:

It's huge! See the bottle of water next to it? It was only £3.49 as well - bargain! :) So assuming it'll survive until the weekend (I hope so?!) I shall have to attempt to carve a face/pattern/something into it. I would ask for ideas, but since I think this is my first time carving a pumpkin (I know... 32 and never carved a pumpkin!) I'll probably go for a nice "safe" face... but you never know... or rather you probably will because if I manage to make anything I'm sure there will be a picture of it! I've Amazon Prime'd a metal ice cream scoop to help with the emptying the inside of it and that should arrive on Friday... watch this space! :)


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