Monday 25 October 2010

Bits and bobs

To be completely not a heck of a lot has actually happened since the last time I wrote, but I figured I'd throw in some random pictures and try and make look like my life was a 24/7 party - Is it working yet? :) LOL. Right okay so the biggest news I probably have to tell you is that my triops (as mentioned in the previous entry) are... ALIVE!

Except there's no way you can see them amongst all the starter stuff I have to put in there, I barely noticed them myself, but at least they are alive and there's 6-8 of them (at least!) Hopefully they'll keep growing and I'll take more pictures if they do! I've moved them into the kitchen now so I can keep a better eye on them (and there's generally more light in there too). Someone told me that it wasn't very hygenic to keep them in the kitchen, but meh... they're only little! :)

So that was the biggest news and therefore you know everything from this point onwards will be downhill... oh well! :) I did get a rather cool DVD today though...

Awesome! I bought the triple pack so if/when I ever get an HD TV I can watch it in all its glory! At least I assume that's the plan otherwise I have no idea why I bought a Blu-ray player and I've been buying everything new on Blu-ray... :) So yeh... Iron Man 2... best film of the year easily and if you didn't think so... did you not see the bit with his suitcase armour?! THAT WAS SO COOL! :)

Moving on... I've not cooked a lot of strange stuff lately, but I did re-make "Ultimate baked potatoes":

Technically it wasn't really baked potatoes because they're only littles ones (and lots of them), but two cans of beans and some cheese amongst all the potatoes... who cares :) Hmm I see to be rather excessively using the ...'s today *shrugs*

Let's see what else can I write about... oh the plants at work. I bought a bonsai kit to try and grow some bonsai trees and I gave some to the other guys at work too, so I'm trying to grow 3 bonsai's and Chris and Rob are trying to grow one each (hey it's my kit, that's why I have 3!).

It seems like a complicated process though (at least it does to me) because I need to have them inside plastic bags for three weeks (with a slight airhole) and then put them in the FRIDGE for 3 weeks. No really... Apparently this germinates them or something... hmm well I don't know how long it takes to actually grow a bonsai tree, but so far I've managed to kill an Xmas tree, strawberry plant, venus fly trap, pitcher plant... and probably some others I've since forgotten. Sooner or later one of them has to work right? :)

Here's some good news btw... I finished Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Fantastic and I think probably my favourite so far. I've also watched the movie too and thought that was rather accurate too and very enjoyable (and it's on Sky all week so I've watched it twice already so far!). With the new film coming out in just over 3 weeks I need to get a move on with the 7th book, or at least I need to get the first half read. Shouldn't be too hard although lately I haven't had a lot of time for reading :(

On the same theme of Harry Potter I wanted to also mention my kitchen because you see I have a cupboard which desperately needs sorting out and kitchen tools are literally pushed into it and the door slammed so they can't fall back out. However, I've recently noticed that whenever I open the cupboard the exact item that I need always falls out and so I would like to present to you:

The Cupboard of Requirement!

Haha brilliant eh? :) And finally I leave you with something that was in my email today...

The weirdest spam EVER received!

Bizarre... :S (and yes that was the entire email!)


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