Friday 8 October 2010


I'm a bit behind here, but I need to write about last weekend. Laura invited me up for the weekend to spend time with her and Leah and we all had a great time. I was rather late leaving and so didn't get there until late afternoon, but we spent the rest of the afternoon playing video games (mainly Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands) until Leah came home from work and then we all played the card game "Fluxx" for a while (it's a crazy card game, but we all love it!). Oh and we also played their new Eco Fluxx too, I didn't like that one as much though, but it's still pretty cool :)

We had a table booked at a local Cantonese restaurant for 7.30pm so we walked down the road (it was literally 5 minutes away!) and deliberated over the menu. For starters I had satay chicken things and some sort of spring rolls and for the main course I had Chicken Kung Po with fried rice with shredded BEEF in it. Yes I had beef fried rice and CHICKEN main course all at once, haha :) More amazingly though, I ate the entire meal with chopsticks! I'm sure I was probably cheating though, I developed a "rail" system and glomped the food together and then sort of scooped it up on the two rails I'd made with the chopsticks (even "blobs" of rice!), but it worked so hey :) And besides, picking up every single grain of rice... that'd be crazy! :)

After we'd all eaten tons of food we headed back home and jumped in Laura's car to go to the Cardiff Bay area to get ice cream from a place that they were describing as being the most awesome ice cream in the world (or something like that...). Sadly after parking and putting TWO HOURS on the meter... we found they were closed, go figure! :) So we walked around the bay area for a bit (involving me dragging them to Torchwood in Roald Dahl Plass - Woo!) and then followed my being very disappointed as it was "closed". The basin area was setting up for some event so you couldn't even walk in it and the Torchwood fountain was turned OFF! Apparently they do that at night to save electricity or whatever, but I grumbled and pointed out that in the show that it's seen many times at night and it's always ON! Bah. No there aren't any photos, I hadn't bought my camera with me and my phone just doesn't cut it with complete darkness :(

So we went back to the car and headed to Tesco to find some dessert and OH MY GOD that had to be the world's biggest Tesco. I've never seen anything like it! Walking in the entrance I was looking left/right down the aisles and I swear I couldn't even see the end of the shop - honestly! Very impressive! Still despite its size we found the desserts and ended up going home with a chocolate trifle type thing, some sort of chocolate thing you heat up and a raspberry cheesecake - nommy! :)

Back at home we tucked into our desserts whilst playing Fluxx until 1.30am in the morning... and then it was time for bed. Well... I went to bed, but I didn't sleep. Stayed up until 3.30am reading "The Da Vinci Code" and I was loving it. I've now finished it and I can't wait to start on "The Lost Symbol"! :)

The next morning there was a totally yummy cooked breakfast and then Emma arrived, we watched an episode of X-Factor from the previous day (my first ever!) which I was sort of getting into... until I found out that they weren't even going to reveal who was getting booted off and I'd have to watch the next episode that evening to find out - forget that!!! After it finished I said my goodbyes and headed back home! :)


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