Saturday 15 January 2011

Kinect, Timecrimes and general weekend of awesome

So I'm a whole week late with this, but Carrie came over last Friday (7th January) for another weekend of epic awesomeness! Soon after arriving she game me my Xmas present which was the snazziest frying pan that I've ever seen:

The red bit in the middle goes solid when it's ready to cook on!

How frickin' gadgety is that? I normally manage to kill the non-stick on these things in about a week (and she knows it hence the replacement!), but that's probably because they're only cheap (and this one obviously isn't!) It's had 5 uses now and it's still incredibly slippery, so much so it's actually taking some getting used to because I've nearly lost my food multiples times when tipping it up - There's like zero friction!!!! :) Tesco arrived soon after this and as per usual my monthly shop was quite excessive!

It's Tesco time!

I may have purchased some cheese...

Fridgetris FTW! :D

However by the time we'd put it all away (yes poor Carrie got roped into this!) it was getting on to 10pm so we didn't really feel like cooking anything big so good ol' nachos ftw!

Mmm nachos!!!

We watched Scott Pilgrim whilst eating the nachos (can you believe she'd never seen it?!) and after this headed off to bed. I woke up the next morning about 6am and watched gameshows on TV (Crystal Maze/Wipeout/Takeshi's castle) whilst eating a sort of healthy breakfast until Carrie got up.

Semi-healthy breakfast

Okay so as Rob @ work pointed out considering it's layered with cheese and has salad dressing and a million other things in it, technically it's not really that healthy, but it sure tasted good! Carrie got up soon after and we realised that we hadn't got the beer out of the freezer and it was frozen solid... OOPS!

Frozen; we forgot to take it out the freezer!

She'd bought her XBOX and Kinect with her so we decided to set this up and have a go... no easy task considering the amount of room required! So one quick reorganisation later (shove EVERYTHING to the sides and move the sofas) and voila we had enough room for us both to play!!!! Having played things like the PS2's "EyeToy" I wasn't really expecting much, I couldn't have been more wrong! Straight away I was impressed that it had found my hands (it recognises waving to get it started), but more impressively once you've trained it on who you are, when you jump in/out of the games, it recognises you and signs your personalised avatar in/out accordingly! Although I've never struggled to pick up a game, this was incredibly easy to get into. You just DO what you need to and your character on screen copies you exactly. It's almost scary just how accurate it is. To make it even more fun, whilst you're playing it snaps random pictures of you which it shows you afterwards complete with captions that it has added...

How cool are we?! :)

Oh dear eh? :) We played this for quite a while and although I liked all of the games on it, I think my favourite one was probably where you're both in a glass cage underwater and fish keep breaking holes in it and you have to plug up the leaks (and it goes really nuts and cracks everywhere when you get hit by the massive sharks!). Of course why on earth would we be in a glass cage underwater anyway... it just sounds rediculous... but hey :)

There's also a demo of "Dance Central" which gives you the chance to play on a Lady Gaga track (Poker Face) which was awesome and some R&B song I've never heard of/didn't like at all. So as you might expect you have to do the dance moves that are on the screen which was really cool! It's like "Just Dance" on the Wii, but 100 MILLION times better, because it actually works rather than you doing the moves and the controller not registering it... :)

After we were all completely worn out, we decided to put it away and eat some food:

Fajita time!

Would anyone like a cake?

We then spent the rest of the afternoon playing Wii Party, which is one of my favourite game on the Wii. All the games are a decent length, they're very entertaining and most importantly... it's just fun! Well except for Globetrotter... we played that once and found it really dull so never again, but otherwise... epic game! Although when playing the wheel-of-fortune type game it's very much luck based:

I'd like to say it was skill... but it was all luck!

Okay so the computer characters do actually suck, but Carrie played really well, I was just lucky enough to get the multipliers and more important win the game at the point it was time to collect the big jackpots! :D We played on the "Board Game Island" for a while (it's like a scaled down Mario Party 8, but it's actually fun because of less talking!) and we settled down with pizza and a movie:

Pizza and an epic movie!

Timecrimes was one of the presents that my parents got me for Xmas and after watching it I'd certainly recommend it. Although it looks like a horror movie because of the cover (and in fact that's what we thought it was!) it's really not and it's a sort of time-travel sci-fi film, but it's really cleverly done! It's also in Spanish, but if that's not your thing, don't let it put you off as there's really very little actual dialogue and I'm really glad I didn't look it up further before watching it as there are some good surprises/twists which I know would have been ruined! It's also reminded us both of another film, but I can't say the name because if I do and you've seen that, it'll totally give this one away. Talk about vague eh? :) This one was better/less confusing though! :)

Because neither of us had seen "The Final Destination" (4th movie) we decided to watch it... and since 3D is all the rage right now, we watched it in 3D:


Anaglyphic 3D haha! :) Although we only watched about half an hour of it and our eyes were BLEEDING so we decided to call it a night (it was midnight) and watch the rest in the morning!

I woke up about 6am again and ate a Kinder Surprise and once again I was disappointed with the toy:

Rubbish 1 piece Kinder Surprise toy

I keep buying them in the hope that I'll get some truely epic toys like there were in the 80's (you know the ones with 20 pieces, crude cogs and the like!) but that happens once in a blue moon now :(

Carrie woke up and we watched the rest of "The Final Destination" in 2D (it was totally rubbish, but that wasn't a surprise!) whilst eating:

Breakfast tacos

Mmmm breakfast tacos! :) I would say I know it's a bit weird, but it's really not and it's a tradition that we have that at some point during her stay, we'll have breakfast tacos! Although this was actually the first time we had them before midday due to having gone to bed at decent hour! :) We washed them down with some nice deserts:


And then finally we spent the rest of the afternoon playing Mario Kart on the Wii and marvelling at the amazing people total losers who have 3 gold stars... we reckon they're all 10 year old kids who have no lives what-so-ever! :) Oh I'm only jealous I don't have some stars... hmmm maybe I should go and play now...? :)


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