Sunday 16 January 2011


Before anyone wonders, the title comes from a Twitter hashtag that I made up and used today (which sums up the day perfectly!). But expanding slightly, today I went to see Vanessa so that we could hang out and start our Saw marathon, and by Saw, yes I do mean the horror movie series!

I got there about 11.30am and straight away she made me a lovely breakfast:

Totally worthly of a ZOMG!

So unhealthy, but all the best things are! :) We then settled down to watch the first movie (Saw 1 strangely...) whilst chatting all the way through it as we've both seen it before. I haven't seen the first film in ages, but looking back now, it's actually pretty tame compared to the later films as whilst it's still gory, a lot of it is actually more implied than actually shown, or they start something and cut away then cut back, but in later films you see the entire sequence of what's happening. I can't believe it was only 2004 that the first film came out and they've literally released a film each year since then!

After Saw 1 finished she made me some lunch which consisted or a rather large homemade pizza:


The picture doesn't really convey it, but it was MASSIVE and ate it whilst watching Saw 2. I never thought I'd get through it all, but I did and it was epic! :D I suppose about now I should point out how impressed I was with this (since my cooking skills are limited to fajitas, tacos and spaghetti bolognese!) and I think Vanessa probably thought I was just being nice LOL - No, I was really impressed, I wouldn't know where to start with making a pizza - Mine come out the 2nd drawer in the freezer! :P

But anyway back to the films! I've seen Saw 2 before, but Vanessa hadn't and I think she liked it. I've only seen 1-3 and Saw 3D (7) and although I loved the 3D in Saw 3D, the 2nd is my favourite on the story side of things. Of course I still haven't seen 4-6 so who knows what I'll think of those... :)

Poor monkey that was traumatised by the Saw movies

After the 2nd movie finished we went straight onto the 3rd one. I don't really like this one so much as the story felt predictable (the first time I watched it I worked out the twist a long time before it ended), although it does have a pretty horrific trap in it (the Rack!) so that redeems it a lot! :)

By this time it was getting onto early evening and although we could have squeezed the 4th one in, it seemed like a good stopping point. This leaves us 4-6 to watch, none of which either of us have seen so that'll be pretty awesome... unless all three are totally rubbish anyway... :) Oh and here's a photo:

Sadly red eye reduction wasn't turned on in the camera hence Vanessa looks a bit possessed, but I assure you she wasn't! Or at least I don't think she was... :P

So yeh I headed back home (two hours sadly!) although despite the torrential rain it passed rather quickly as I'm currently reading/listening to "The Passage" by "Justin Cronin". I don't really know what is going on yet, but it's very addictive! :)

So summing up: #vtasticdayofsaw! Thanks for having me V!


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