Monday 28 June 2010

Funfair, hydrophobic sand and Vee

I went to see Vee this weekend and had an awesome time! There was a funfair in her area for a few days so we went there and I also got to meet up with some of her friends too:

Vee at the front and at the back, Julie, Mike and Emma

I've heard lots about them all in the past, but it was great to actually get to meet them in person and (as expected) they were all really friendly and chatty and great company. Here's some pictures of the funfair:

Chair ride which whirled round quite fast, this was lots of fun

My favourite of the fair

Took forever to get started, but brilliant fun when it did!

We didn't go on this one, because frankly, it looked insane!

VERY fast and lots of g-forces... fun!

Bear I won on one of the stalls where you always won a prize (this)

We also went on a fast tea cup style ride which made me feel VERY ill because of all the rotations! Sorry that I didn't get a picture, but I was a bit distracted with trying to not be sick and by the time I thought about it we were no longer there.

After this we headed to a nearby pub and ordered some food and I had this rather nice double burger with loads of bacon:

Although it doesn't look it, it was massive, it's just that the chips were also really big!

After walking back towards the car we said goodbye to Vee's friends and headed drove the two hours back to my house to spend the rest of the weekend. First of all we ended up going round my local Co-op shop to buy some food because Vee wouldn't tell me what she wanted until the day, but last minute (and often impulse) food shopping is always fun so I didn't mind :)

We only ate pasta with sauce for dinner (probably as we were still full up from the massive late lunch in the pub) and watched "Whip it" which is a fun film :) Other than that we watched silly music videos and played the Careers board game.

Sadly Vee was feeling a bit ill so didn't stay up too late (okay it was still about 1am!) but I stayed up a while longer and watched the new Doctor Who episode (which was fantastic!).

The next day we had a lazy late morning/early afternoon and I played with my hydrophobic sand. Vee had bought it for my birthday back in March, but I wanted to use it whilst she was there so hadn't tried it until now and WOW IT'S COOL!! It's basically sand that looks and acts like normal sand, but it won't get wet. You can put it in water and it clomps together, but if you remove it then it just goes straight back to normal dry sand. Here's a video I recorded:

Weird eh? It's VERY cool to play with and the best part is I have multiple colours and I was able to get most of this back for reuse too! Soon after this we hopped back in the car and drove back to Vee's and then I drove back home myself. Here's a montage of pictures:

Another fantastic weekend, thanks Vee! :)


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