Thursday 24 June 2010


I got my Fanimal!

It's the "thing" that I put in Carrie's fridge at the "Extreme BBQ" (you're supposed to keep Peperami's cool after all!). That was hers though, this is mine! You can actually buy them for £3.99 OR you can just win one and I did on attempt 6!

Apparently it doesn't cost you anything to try other than your standard text message rate (which is unusual as normal shortcodes reverse bill you), but that's what it says on the terms and conditions page! It does however say that they MIGHT NOT come out of inclusive texts, it all depends on your tariff, but I figured even at 10p/text that's still only 60p it's cost me! :) Bargain!

Oh and aside from being about a foot tall and flexible etc, if you hit him against something he shouts out random footballish phrases... :)


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