Monday 29 August 2011

Sarah, F&B, ShakeAway and Lego Harry Potter!

Today I went to visit the lovely Sarah. I got there just after 1pm (after turning the wrong way onto a road travelling 2 miles the wrong way... whoops!) and as soon as I got there she made me walk 30 miles into town! Okay so it wasn't actually 30 miles and more like *a* mile, but at one point it included lots of steps so I said she was making me climb Mount Everest! :P I was given the food choices, which included delights such as McDonalds and KFC, but I opted for Frankie & Benny's! Admittedly I do still like McDonalds and it would have been amusing to see Sarah's reaction, but it's hardly the place to go for a nice meal and a chat! :D We headed into F&B, were seated and straight away the waiter was like: "Hi, can I get you any drinks? Starters? Garlic dough balls?". Yes seriously. I was a bit surprised at being offered starters so fast especially dough balls (what the...?)

As you can see Sarah had a pizza (which I assume was good, I'm not sure I actually asked her... oops) and I decided to go for the Philly double burger. Last time I went in an F&B I made the mistake of having a double burger AND a starter and it's too much. This time I had just the burger and it was perfect (and massive!). She also abandoned me for half an hour to go to the bathroom (no not really that long, but we joked that I should write about all the bad treatment I'd received today with that and having to walk a million miles etc lol). We did laugh a lot about the waiter's instant use of doughballs and wondered if perhaps it was some sort of Italian Tourette's? :D

That's a beast of a meal isn't it? Tasted fantastic :) After this we headed to Shakeaway for dessert. Sarah wanted Battenburg with custard and cream, but once again they had no Battenburg so she had to have something else instead (which I can't remember, I'm useless I know!). I was originally going to have Cadburys Creme Egg, Treacle Tart and Popping Candy, but they had no Creme Eggs (Boo!) so I had Frys Orange Cream instead (with the rest as above). Tasted AWESOME and the texture of the treacle tart was brilliant, I totally recommend it. I had a large though and admittedly I felt a bit sick by the bottom of it! :D

Back at Sarah's we opened up my Lego Harry Potter and sat down to build it. No not the video game, the board game! :D It's the biggest Lego game I've got and there were loads of different sections to build:

We turned this...

...into this!

The actual game is a lot like my Amazing Labyrinth because you slide the "staircases" around to try and get to your classrooms (divinations, library, potions and transfigurations) to pick up your coloured item and then get back to the common room in the corner. There's even rules for using the Dumbledore and/or Mrs Norris characters if you want!

After this I packed up and headed off home. Another fun afternoon round Sarah's but sadly the last for a while as she's moving to San Diego next week! :( You'll be missed Sarah!!! :(


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