Saturday 27 August 2011

The catchup entry

Has it really been a month since I last wrote?! Blimey! Sorry, I've just not really felt in a posting mood, but I figured it was time I got caught up. So here's 18 fairly random photos of things that I got up to in the last month... Sorry if you haven't got broadband, but it's 2011, move house to somewhere that does :)

I bought new salt and pepper containers, cool eh?

I forgot to charge my Kindle
(first time I ever saw it run out of power!)

We helped Carrie celebrate her birthday!

I bought some fantastic new
Carcassonne playing pieces

I had healthy Graze boxes (4 punnets like the above) arrive every weekday

I bought a new wallet (and it's awesome!)

I played with Dairylea Lunchables

I collected more Pokémon on my 3DS (but I think they're getting a bit stupid now!)

I drank nasty tasting energy drinks with stupid
names, just because the name amused me

I played with the printer from hell

I bought the extended version of Sucker Punch
(17 more minutes!)

I ate lots of pizza

I watched a lot of superhero movies

I played Trivial Pursuit on DVD with my family

I bought a new Logitech G700 mouse (13 buttons!)

I found this in the local sweet shop

I went back to YO! Sushi

I was reunited wih my friend the Freshness Bear Cat

Phew! :D


  1. Now i love this post! Much more intresting than reading..
    Explain the sweets? What the hell are those?
    Why do you need 13 buttons ona mouse?
    Yum yum pizza is it from Pizza Hut?

  2. The alien sweet thing had a ball on one end which rotated and liquid goop from other side that came out when you squeezed/licked it. As you can imagine it was terribly ineffective so I just grabbed some pliers, yanked the ball out and drank it down. Mmmm :P

    The 13 buttons on the mouse are for gaming, so you can switch to a specific weapon or have preset macros with sequences of commands etc.

    Yes, Pizza Hut, although only the closest one was mine :)