Monday 14 March 2011

Pizza Hut

So a bit of background information first: Although we don't go climbing as much anymore, Lucy and I still go from time to time and sometimes we go for a McDonalds afterwards (cause we're awesome like that!) :)

So on Sunday Lucy and I said about going climbing today (Monday) and Lucy suggested getting some food too. I said that I wasn't sure McDonalds really qualifies as food, but it is yummy so sure thing! However, she was thinking more like pizza hut than the usual McDonalds so I was like "woo, that's cool!" Normally we go climbing from ~8.30pm to 10pm, but after checking the Pizza Hut opening times they close at 9pm so we were like... "forget climbing and just go to the pizza hut?" :) And so we did - Hurrah! :D We even dragged Lucy's boyfriend Andy along too! (I say dragged because he doesn't like pizza... OMG HOW?!) Hehe sorry Andy :P

Garlic bread with cheese

Large stuffed crust meat feast

Hot toffee apple crumble

Oh and I should probably mention that the pizza above WAS ALL MINE! Muhahaha! :D No I didn't eat it all (good grief!) half of it is in my fridge at the moment ready for reheating tomorrow (cold pizza = eugh!) When I placed my order I was like "You've got boxes right?" and the waitress laughed and said yes so I guess I'm not the only person who intentionally orders extra! :) Yum! :)

And yes, I just wrote a blog post about Pizza Hut... worse yet, you read it! :P

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  1. I did read it :( Sad i know.. But i do love Pizza hut. I think i may just have to order pizza for tea tonight :p