Tuesday 22 March 2011

Birthday weekend

I've had a really busy weekend and I didn't get a whole lot of sleep, but it was absolutely fantastic! I was also shocked (yet delighted!) to have received exactly 100 birthday messages on my Facebook wall and more via text and email etc - Wow! Thanks everyone!

So back to the weekend, it all started on the Friday night when Amanda, Andy, Carrie, Dave, Helen, Richard and myself all went to the Komedia in Bath to watch the Krater Comedy Club!

The Master of Ceremonies presenting the acts

Amanda and Richard inside Komedia

There were three acts, Tom Deacon, Gareth Berliner and Eddy Brimson and they were all really good! Well, to be completely honest, I thought Tom Deacon was fantastic, but the other two were a bit too crude for my liking, but it was still very enjoyable! Everyone else was laughing loads so I'm sure it was just me!

After that finished Amanda headed off home and the rest of us looked for somewhere to eat and we settled on "The Eastern Eye" which is an Indian restaurant. It was really empty in there (which was probably why our food arrived rather quickly!) and it tasted fantastic.

Eating in "The Eastern Eye"

My chicken Dupiaza

I didn't end up getting home until gone 2am (which is probably about the time the uni students go out these days lol), but I had to get up fairly early to get to my parents the next day.

Saturday morning I went over my parents as planned and enjoyed a really lovely "Toad in the hole". I'm sure that sounds like a very random thing to have, but earlier in the week I'd asked mum if she'd mind doing that as it's something I haven't had in ages (like literally years!) and I do like it and as such.... yay! :)

After this I opened my presents and wow I got loads of great things! My parents bought me a quite a few things, but one of the main ones was a portable Sega Mega Drive console! Yeh I know the Nintendo 3DS is about to come out, but pfft what you really want is some retro 16-bit gaming... namely a portable Sega Mega Drive which is rechargeable, comes with 20 games built in AND... (here's the really cool part) this version has an SD card slot in it so you can copy other games onto it - Fantastic! I'm unsure whether it's an SD or SDHC slot as I haven't tested it enough, but I've got a rather unusual 4GB SD card (usually anything over 2GB is usually SDHC, but this one is, by design, a rather weird one) and it worked just fine so that's more than enough space for every Mega Drive game ever made! :) I copied a few onto it and they worked straight away - result!

Check out my portable Sega Mega Drive console! (and my excited face!)

My mum made a matching cake!

The full list of everything I got (in no particular order) was a bonsai tree, 3D Jigsaw, "Show Down" board game, blood and zombie blood energy drinks, Super Mario sweets in tins (Toad and Star), Astro Boy DVD, Steam Boy DVD, Mega Drive portable console as mentioned above, Rubik's 360 puzzle, Skins DVDs (series 1-4), Inception Bluray, The Hangover Bluray, Let the Right One In Bluray, Tin Tin volume 4 book, Ramses Pyramid Lego game, 5cm per Second DVD, Sanctuary season 1 DVD, Imperial V-Wing Lego kit, Sea Monkeys, Smores Poptarts, smiley cup and saucer set and TONS of retro sweets! Pretty awesome eh? I'm very fortunate to have such great things!

Gail bought me a bonsai tree - Epic!

SOME of the presents I was lucky enough to receive!

After I opened the presents we all sat down and played the new "Show Down" board game and the new Lego game and finally the "Thoughts and Crosses" game that my parents got for Xmas.:

Playing my new "Ramses Pyramid" Lego game

After this I headed off to Lucy and Andy's and I was pleasantly surprised to find that Carys was also there! We all ordered pizzas from Dominos and since we had a 50% off voucher we all ordered large pizzas (to ourselves!) and I went nuts with my one...

£24 pizza... AND ALL MINE!

Well it would have been £24 if not for the 50% off voucher, but unfortunately I only ate half of it as it was so filling! Stuffed crust Dominator with BBQ sauce, jalepenos, pepperoni, ham, meatballs, green peppers and anchovis and OMG I feel hungry just mentioning it! After filling ourselves up on pizza we played on "Wii Party" and then some "Guitar Hero":

Guitar Hero

Then just as I was about to leave a few minutes before midnight, Carys remembered that there was a cake for me so there was an urgent plugging in of candles/lighting in and blowing them out and finally eating a slice JUST before it turned midnight (and no longer my birthday!) :)

I was given another cake - Yay!

I headed home and it was about 1.30am by the time I got in, but unfortunately I didn't get a lot of sleep again as a really early start the next day! I had to get to Helen's for 9am because we were off to... At-Bristol! It's a sciency/engineering thingy, mostly for kids to play with, but just as fascinating for adults! As soon as we got there we went straight into the Planeterium and were treated to a pretty nifty show! After this we walked around the rest of it at our own pace and played with all the different things - Here's my favourite:

Tornado which you could just walk right through - WOW!

It would just swirl around and if you broke it (by walking into it) it just reformed a few moments later... fantastic! There were loads of cool thing with slow motion cameras, somewhere that you could create your own stopmotion (and we did!), tons of things with magnets, somewhere to create giant bubbles and so much more!

Awesome contraption where you could completely control the flow of water!

We managed to connect all the tables together!

After spending quite a few hours in there we walked more into Bristol to find somewhere to eat and although it wasn't an intentional plan, we ended up in... Pizza Hut. Yes a pizza the previous night wasn't enough, I had to have another one! LOL

Walking round Bristol

Another pizza!

This pizza was shared though, I had the meat feast half and Helen had whatever the other half is (I can't remember the exact name). We got the twisty dippy crust thing as that's the best! :)

After this we headed back to mine and spent the rest of the evening watching episodes of "Big Bang Theory" and "A Town Called Eureka".

Very unhealthy weekend, but oh so brilliant! :)


  1. A brilliant weekend for a brilliant dude! xxx

  2. belated happy Birthday sweetie, sounds like an amazing weekend (((hugs)))