Saturday 29 October 2011

Pink is a great colour!

Friday was "Wear it pink" day to raise money for Breast Cancer Campaign and there was a raffle at our work with lots of pink prizes! I can't resist a raffle so bought £5 worth of tickets (25 total) and was quite surprised to find I'd won quite a few of the prizes!

That's a bottle of pink Cava in the middle and around it pomegranate and elderflower drink, giant tube of pink Smarties, pink umbrella and a pot of body butter (???) and a shower fizzer (???) thrown in as well. Okay so even after reading the description I'm not even sure what the body butter/shower fizzer are, but I know someone who will! :) Pretty cool eh? :D

Following on from last week, yes I'm still playing Minecraft and it's quite a lot of fun building stuff!

This is my current house. A very big pit and if you want to
cross it you have to get across the retracting pistons!

As you can see the pistons come out, but also the fences
raise so once you start you can't go back! Evil huh?

Every pit/cave needs a secret door so I built a huge tunnel
all the way under the town and it came out here!

I decided it wasn't secret enough though so I built a hill on top of it and
even a waterfall doorway inside! Entrance path is where the arrow is!

Saw this from "Portal" whilst on my travels!

This was built out of blocks and was HUGE!

On a more serious note, one of the site members is going to have an cancer related
operation soon so loads of people put up individual sign posts wishing them all
the best as well as big messages as you can see! I really was quite impressed
to see so many people turning up and leaving supportive messages etc.

Okay I think that'll do for now :)


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