Friday 30 September 2011

Guess what?

I'm off to see Breaking Dawn!!! (Part 1, in November) :D Vue cinemas released tickets at midnight so I rushed to buy them! Well it wasn't quite that simple, they started adding them about 10 minutes after midnight ONE CINEMA AT A TIME. So sure enough Twitter was full of people saying "Where's my cinema?" and tons of people waiting up when they just want to sleep! Still, I've made some new friends from it and as mentioned already I was lucky enough to get mine! :D

When Eclipse came out we saw the previous two films before it and then moved to a different screen at midnight for Eclipse. They're doing something similar this time, but with all three of the previous films. I'm waiting to be able to buy tickets (the VUE website has been stuck with only two cinemas listed for about an hour now) although I don't think we'll go to all three films (mainly because that'll be *10 hours of Twilight and they being rather early at 4.30pm). The price is only £6 for standard seats though or £7.25 for VIP seats and that's for ALL THREE FILMS so realistically even if we just go to see Eclipse it's still cheaper any other single film!

I prefer seeing the midnight showings of big films simply because A) I want to see the film ASAP and B) It's been seen (at least once) so no worries about it suddenly vanishing from the big screen. However, I do think that VIP (or at least booked) seats are a MUST for big showings. I don't think the cinema experience is as much fun if you have to rush around like a mad fool to get the best seats although you probably all should ignore me saying that because I want you to buy the standard seats so I'll have more VIP ones to pick from! :) As it was though I was the first person at my cinema booking VIP seats:

I was actually counting out the seats to make sure they were as central as possible (there are 16 seats to the left of us and 15 on the right and middle row of the VIP seats so best location :) I'm such a film snob I know :)

Now do you want to hear the really amusing part? My Twilight friend that I see these films with might not even be able to actually go that evening so the tickets have been bought purely on the hope that she can! Worst case scenario though I figure it won't be too hard finding someone else who wants to go if needed :P


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