Sunday 17 April 2011

Donna and Stonehenge

Many moons ago there existed a time before the Internet. Yes I know that's crazy talk, but it's true! And in this long ago time I used to have penfriends and we would write letters to each other. Then the Internet arrived and my penfriends and I didn't really talk/write anymore, except for Donna. Okay so we don't really "write" anymore either, but we are (thankfully) still in touch!

I probably should explain at this point that I've been friends with Donna for 18 years now and she usually lives in Indonesia, although she's lived a few years in both New York and Australia and at the moment she's doing this absolutely crazy tour of Europe. Well crazy is a bit harsh (and that is just my perspective!), but in last two weeks she's been to Paris (France), Frankfurt (Germany), Brussels (Belgium), Rome (Italy), somewhere in Switzerland, parts of the UK and I think a few other places too! IN TWO WEEKS! She should also be (back) in Germany now too!

Although earlier in the week she was way up north in Edinburgh, it turned out that on Friday she'd be the other end of the country and at Stonehenge and that's just down the road from me so I was like - FANTASTIC!

Unfortunately their tour was for out of hours so they had circle access and as such it was closed to the general public (they wouldn't let me into the car park even!), but I do appreciate that's just the rules and they are technically closed so that's fair enough. Likewise because the road is currently closed off there it means we can actually stop at the end of the road where it's closed as it doesn't cause any traffic obstruction (it would if the road were open like normal!)

As you've guessed from the picture we obviously still got to meet up even if she had to step "outside" to do it! It didn't feel at all weird meeting up as I guess I felt like I'd already "known" her for like forever and as such she was just as lovely as expected!

Don't worry though, I made sure that she went and actually saw Stonehenge and took her time, especially as her tour had inner circle access. We still got to chat for quite a while and obviously it would have nicer if we could have met for longer, but I'm really glad we got to meet up at all and there's a chance she may come back to the UK at the end of the month so hopefully we can meet up then if she does (she can't sit still it seems!) :)


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